5 Outfit Tips for your Engagement Session

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Five Outfit Tips for your Engagement Session

You recently became engaged, booked your dream wedding photographer, and now finding it overwhelming to put together outfits for your engagement session.  Grab your favorite beverage and read on to ease stress and get ready to look classic and beautiful in your engagement photographs. 

  1. All of my Rohana Olson Photography (ROP) couples get to wear two to three outfits for their engagement session. One outfit will be a dressier outfit, like the two of you are headed out for a night on the town, followed by a more casual outfit, and sometimes my couples choose to add in a third outfit. This could be their favorite sports teams jersey or something that has meaning to their relationship.  
  2. Let’s coordinate outfit’s instead of matching them perfectly. Wearing the same color in a different shade is more ideal than matching the exact color. An example would be avoiding both wearing navy tops with khaki bottoms because it comes across like you’re wearing uniforms. Choosing lighter colors gives your portraits a more romantic and dreamy look. Wearing colors that are soft pastels, neutrals, and fabrics that are cotton or linen, chiffon, drape beautifully.
  3. If you start to feel overwhelmed. Go simple. Always pick outfits that make you feel confident and comfortable. 
  4. Make sure to be equal in your attire. If going for a more formal look, ensure the both of you are wearing dressy attire. Same with casual wear. Make sure the outfits compliment each-other, and showcase the two of you. 
  5. I saved the best for last! Even though there are more tips in my couple’s guide that’s given to all my Rohana Olson Photography couples. I highly recommend paying attention to wearing attire that is flattering to your figure and your skin tone. I know it seems like common sense, but I’ve personally made the mistake of thinking a color looks amazing with my skin tone and then seeing a photo and looking green. Everyone has certain things that looks amazing on them and certain things that aren’t made for me them. I know for me, I love the color mustard but I have a more olive skin tone so that color brings out green shades, so I know not to photograph in mustard.

Bonus Tip

Go into the session relaxed and ready for fun. I’ll teach you how to pose in flattering ways, but you’ll fall in love with your images over and over again if you wear an outfit that you’re comfortable and confident in. 

couple walking hand in hand along Lake Superior in Two Harbors MN couple walking hand in hand along Lake Superior in Two Harbors MN couple hugging along shore of Lake Superior for duluth engagement session Two Harbors Engagement MN

Leif Erickson Park MN Engagement Couple standing in front of Guthrie Theatre for their Engagement session


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