Is a First Look Right For You?


Is a First Look right for you?

Trying to decide if you want to incorporate a first look into your wedding day? Feeling overwhelmed by people saying what you should or shouldn’t do?

I understand completely and was a bride myself just a few years ago.

I’m all for a First Look! It’s such an intimate moment for a bride and groom, plus it allows them a private moment before the ceremony and, with all the hustle and bustle during the wedding day, the couple often forgets that first moment of seeing each other as the bride walks up the aisle. The First Look lets them take a few moments to get their jitters out, soak up the last moments before they become husband and wife, and be fully present during the ceremony so they remember everything.

This is how a First Look goes:

We find a beautiful, private spot that’s away from the whirl of final preparations, and set your groom up with his back turned to you. Then we get you all set up (making sure your dress, hair, and make-up are looking flawless) before we back away and you get to have this amazing, intimate moment just between you and your (almost!) husband.

We shoot from afar with long lenses that allow you both to take the moment in, see each other for the first time on your wedding day, and feel all the joy, happiness, and love as you are about to start your future together.

Being able to have this moment, just between the two of you, instead of in front of every one during your ceremony allows for a special intimacy, and gives you the chance to let the day truly sink in and enjoy what is yours as a couple. Then, after the First Look, the rest of your day is spent together.

Spend more time with family and friends during Cocktail Hour.

You’ve worked incredibly hard perfecting all the little details—so many hours spent planning and dreaming—only for me (if you opt for a traditional wedding without a First Look) to take you, your new husband, and family away from it for photos right after the ceremony. It makes my heart hurt to think about that. That time should be yours and your families while I catch the candid moments of family reuniting and big bear hugs.

When we do a First Look, I will only steal you and your family away for a short time for the desired portraits we’ve discussed and then it’s back to celebrating.

Stress Less! Mingle more!

By doing a First Look, we can get beautiful portraits of you and your soon-to-be husband before the ceremony, which then gives more time after the ceremony to get those precious family portraits done so you can enjoy more time with family and friends celebrating as Mr. and Mrs.

It also gives us extra time to get those dreamy, golden-hour portraits of you and your husband! The First Look allows us to sneak out of the reception or a few minutes after the cake has been served, to get some fresh air and let me capture you both in all the beauty the setting sun has to offer. You’ll fall deeply in love with those dreamy portraits. Everybody does!

If a First Look makes your heart happy, let’s do it! This is your day and if sneaking a few kisses and smiling at how handsome your man looks before everyone else sees you appeals to you both,  let’s make it happen!

bride walks down a doc to tap her future husband on the shoulder during a First Look ceremony

groom turns around to see his bride for the first time during a First Look ceremony on a dock over a lake
bride and groom experience a few moments by themselves during a First Look Ceremony with Comfort and Cashmere Photography

groom hugs his brunette bride wearing a flower crown as she smiles during their First look

bride with flowers in her loosely waved hair kisses her redheaded groom during a first look ceremony

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