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So you’ve been dating the love of your life and then, WAHOO! You were finally asked those four little words that made your heart flutter and you responded with a great big, “YES!” Now you two are over the moon excited and can’t wait to announce your engagement news on social media, but you’re stumbling a little. How do we actually do this? 

It’s okay, my loves! I got you covered! 

Firstly, Enjoy The Moment! Even if you are SO EXCITED that you want to hop on social media right away after saying YES to announce your engagement, it’s always a good idea to first take some time to enjoy being engaged—just the two of you— before sharing it with the world. You should always tell the people closest to you first and in a personal way. Call your mom or tell your parents in person. Make a list of the people you need to tell in person (or via phone or video chat) first. 

And then…

Choose Your Pictures Wisely!

In this digital age, pictures are worth a thousand words and since social media is especially image based, here are some of the BEST ways to showcase your engagement announcement.

  • The Classic Couple—be it a killer selfie or a lovely shot by a friend! Make sure the photograph is flattering and well lit, as many people will see it and most likely share it. 
  • The Bling. I really love when the ring is in the photograph but not the main attention grabber. This kind of shot is a classic because it shows off the big love of a newly engaged couple with the added accessory of some bling. 

couple poses for engagement photos in a lightly snowed in forest and on a stormy ocean beach.

  • The Pinterest Props.You can always add in an, “I said YES!” sign or a, “Does this ring make me look engaged?” coffee mug or add your best friend into the pics. There are so many ideas circulating on Pinterest and the prop possibilities are endless!

couple poses in the forest and at the ocean with their dog as they announce their engagement.

  • The Caption With Care. You could share your whole love story, or write up a witty caption to go with your pic. Whatever you decide, write it together (and please proofread…maybe even run it by your fiancé or a good friend ahead of time). 
  • The Whole Story! If you can’t showcase just one photo because your life together is TOO AMAZING, showcase an album of your engagement (if it was a surprise proposal with a photographer on scene), your entire love story, or different photos throughout your relationship. 

Make if Facebook Official! 

Make a splash on social media when you update your status from Dating to Engaged at the same time that you announce your engagement with photos or a video. Of course, the option is yours and if you prefer to be more private, leave the FB announcement out of it. Maybe just share it through email, text, or Facebook Messenger and send it to the people you love the most! Not everybody wants their life news plastered all over the interwebs and that’s totally okay too!

Tell Your Story! 

Instagram and Facebook both have a Stories feature area now where you can post video clips or photos to share your engagement news! Pop on together to make the announcement or host a Live video to share your engagement news with loved ones!

couple poses for engagement photos in a forest, wrapped in a blanket to announce their engagement. comfort and cashmere photography

Host An Engagement Party!

Nothing gets people’s attention like a party announcement, so make a splash with a two-in-one announcement and invitation to attend your engagement party! This is a super casual way of announcing your big news to your nearest and dearest while also inviting them to come and hang out! Who doesn’t love good friends, amazing food, and a few drinks together? 

Becoming engaged is such an exciting time in your lives! Now that you ARE engaged, here are some fun things to do to celebrate! Take time to enjoy it together and I hope these tips help when you announce your news on social media!





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