Dear Bride III: You’ve Got This!

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Dear Bride: You’ve got this!

If we were face to face having a cup of your favorite hot bevvie and chatting, I’d look you straight in the eyes and lovingly tell you, my dear bride, to take one big breath, to exhale, and to let those shoulders fall. Let the stress melt away and know that your wedding day is going to be perfect because you are marrying your best friend and, in the end, that’s all that matters.

Wedding planning can be fun and exciting, but it can also be stressful, hard, and can sometimes suck the joy out of the getting married part. So if you are in the trenches of wedding planning or just said Yes! to your best friend and are rocking some sparkly new bling, here is some encouragement from my heart to yours.

a mother does up the buttons on her daughter's wedding dress while the bride gets ready for the big day! IMage by comfort and cashmere photography

First off, my dear bride, it’s ok to admit that wedding planning is hard. That you’re a bit overwhelmed. Or that you just want a break from planning to enjoy this engagement time. Wedding planning can sometimes feel like a second job and if you’re feeling like this, I encourage you to read my Dear Bride blog post about Remembering Your Why! Bookmark it and go read it whenever you are starting to feel like the wedding is becoming bigger than the importance of marrying your best friend.  And, if the overwhelmed feelings persist, then I recommend searching for a wedding planner to help you, they are a priceless addition to make your day perfect and are well worth the extra expense!

bride with a shoulder tattoo of birds and words wearing a strapless gown checks her hair in a full length mirror which also shows off the mermaid style of her dress and flattering figure

close up of a young, beautiful caucasian bride looking down her shoulder with her lips painted in a beautiful and vibrant reddy pink colour

Let’s chat vision! Before you fully dive into the planning process, take time with your fiancé to envision what you want for your wedding day. How do you want to feel? How do you want your guests to feel? Do you want them to leave your wedding feeling more in love with their spouse and wearing joyous smiles on their faces? Or do you want your guests to get their groove on the dance floor and end up singing Piano Man as a group at the end of the night? Write down the vision and dream of your day, then revert back to it each time you start feeling overwhelmed.

bride holds gorgeous bouquet full of seasonal summer flowers with a lake shining in the background. Image by Comfort and Cashmere

full length portrait of a long-haired, brunette bride holding a bouquet of seasonal summer flowers under a canopy of green leaves

Know that your wedding day might not go as perfectly as you’ve planned, but it will still all be ok. You will still say I Do, you’ll be officially married, and your friends and family will all be celebrating with you! Don’t forget that hiring a wedding planner and other professional vendors will help you learn about the little details that might go awry (details they have seen and dealt with many times) and to help you create a plan that will help your day flow with ease.

I know it’ll sound cliche but enjoy every single moment of this season of your engagement. Take it all in! You’ll only be engaged once, so take advantage of date nights, dream about your future life together, make a fun bucket list of things to do together before the I Do. There is so much excitement to be had—from telling your grandparents that you are engaged, to asking your best friends to stand next to you on your wedding day, to dress shopping and all the things in between.

Always remember, dear bride, that this is your wedding day, you are marrying the love of your life, and that is really what matters most!

young bride wearing a leather jacket holds a giant bouquet of summer seasonal flowers while standing on a porch framed by green vines with a lake in the background

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