Printing Your Wedding Images is SO Important

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Have you ever wondered about whether or not printing your wedding images is something you want to do?

Now that your wedding has come and gone and you’re all chilled out and have returned to real life, you’ve probably had time to decompress and enjoy the afterglow of your wonderful day while looking through your images. But have you figured out what you want to do with them yet? Do you want to order some prints or a Fine Art Album? Maybe you’ve considered having one or two printed as professional canvas prints to hang in your living room or bedroom?

How about all of the above! Printing your wedding images is part of the entire wedding experience and, if you skip it, you miss out on one of the best parts—reliving the moments and memories of your big day whenever you glance at the images hanging on your walls! 

Here are some of the biggest pros for printing your wedding images:

Memories fade over time. Prints keep memories alive!

Let’s face it, your wedding day was one of the best days of your life! Filled with all the feels—from the gushy to the hilarious to the romantic. Your photos are a direct reflection of the entire experience and, if you leave them on your harddrive or in an online gallery, you will quickly forget how epic the day was. Printing your images will let you relive the moments every time you walk around your house or flip through them while you drink your morning cuppa. At the very least, print your faves—they’ll be guaranteed to make you smile and fill your heart with happiness whenever you see them. 

Even more important—because even the most loving and communicative marriages go through ups and downs—having prints, albums, and canvases around help because they help you remember why you got married in the first place. They bring you back to when you were happy and madly in love and ready to face the world together and that reminds you of why you chose to commit to each other and love each other through all the good and bad times in the first place. 

framed wedding portraits on a living room wall. Printing your wedding images is important

Your wedding images are art! Art deserves to be showcased!

Remember that you hired an artist to shoot your wedding so your wedding images are, in fact, ART—printing them to show them off, or gift them, or hang them up is a big part of the whole package. It just makes sense that if you commission an artist to capture something so beautiful and timeless, you should go ahead and hang that art on your walls or display it in a fine art album. 

Printed professional images make lovely gifts!

This one is easy—gifting a printed image or images to your faves is a welcome gift that lasts forever. These days, most photographers offer high-quality prints and other fine art through their websites and online galleries—art pieces made with the highest quality, archival ink and paper and guaranteed to last at least a lifetime, or longer, when properly cared for. Printing your wedding images to give your wedding guests a few favorite photos (including one or two of them) from your wedding day will also remind them of how much fun they had at your wedding.

Printing your wedding images on canvas—demonstrated here with 3 30x30 and one 50x40 canvas on a wall

Digital Images can be lost. Sad, but true.

Many couples share their photos on social media and then put the idea of printing them on the back burner and get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. Later—sometimes MUCH later— they return to their photos with the intent to order some prints and their photos are gone. Either their gallery has expired (and they now have to pay their photographer a substantial fee to re-post their gallery) or the USB or harddrive they stored their images on is corrupted or inaccessible. Technology can be fickle and these things happen. However, if you order prints, canvases or albums right away, you will always have them in case something happens to the digital images. Unfortunately, many couples who lose their images cannot recover them through the photographer because, even though most photographers will keep your images for a set amount of time, they will eventually purge your images from their hard drives OR they’ll charge you to recover them from their storage drives and re-load your gallery. Who wants to pay twice for images that were readily available to you in the first place? 

top view of a fine art wedding album splayed open to demonstrate the importance of printing your wedding images

No matter what you decide—to order for prints, a canvas or an album or two, you should definitely consider printing your wedding images so you will always be able to bring yourself back to the timeless happiness and pure love of your wedding day. 

If you’re ready to print some images, let’s chat! I offer prints, canvas prints and fine art albums to all my clients and I’d love to help you figure out how to display your wedding day in style and keep you smiling with memories for years to come.

gorgeous pastel covers for a fine art wedding album by KISS albums. Image by Comfort and Cashmere


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