How To Add Luxury To Your Wedding

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You’re recently engaged and diving into the wedding planning process. You’ve dreamed of your wedding day since you were little and know you want a timeless wedding, with classic, beautiful touches, that looks straight out of a magazine, but you’re not really sure how to add luxury to your wedding. It’s okay, we’ve got just the thing!

Four Easy Ways to Add Luxury to Your Wedding Day

A Classic Black Tux

A classic black tux never goes out of style and is incredibly classic. It’ll exude a luxury feel and everyone looks amazing in a well-tailored classic black tuxedo.  Even go for a well-tailored classic black suit with a thin tie if you’re wanting a more modern vibe. The website The Black Tux does an incredible job of modernizing the look to suit any groom’s style with an elegant twist.

groom in a classic black tux and his elegant bride walk in front of eiffel tower in paris with Comfort and Cashmere Images.


Invest in Florals

Florals can get expensive, but they make such an impact! Make sure your bridal bouquet is dreamy, full, and a gorgeous representation of your style for your wedding. Florals will set the tone for your wedding day, so at least splurge on beautiful bouquets for yourself and your bridesmaids. A floral installation—whether at the ceremony or reception—will add a whimsical and romantic feel while adding a luxurious aspect to your day. I personally recommend and often work with Saffron & Grey Couture Floral Design as their vision and execution of florals is impeccable.

A bride leans against her groom on a castle terrace looking down at her pink bouquet in this styled luxury wedding shoot with Rohana Olson\

front and center is a bouquet of varying pink tones of roses that add luxury to this wedding in Minnesota.


A Wedding Location with Character

Adding luxury to your wedding can be as simple as adding a wedding location with a timeless character. This could mean an old Cathedral-style church, a downtown location with beautiful architecture, or a location that has a mix of buildings and nature. Choose a location that has changes of scenery in it, as it is lovely to have variety in your wedding album. Historic buildings are something I personally love, but even choosing a location that has meaning to the two of you holds value and tells your story.

a newlywed couple explores the grounds of a luxury wedding location castle in Minnesota with Comfort and Cashmere images.


A Beautiful Head table or Sweetheart table.

Invest in florals and rentals to create a head table that exudes elegance, romance, and a luxurious touch. These images will be cherished because the attention to detail will be showcased in your wedding photographs, especially since the head table is typically photographed the most.  it’s easy to create your dream wedding by adding luxury in small places that will have an enormous impact on the look and feel of your wedding day.

a gold-rimmed plate and gold utensils framed by blue and orange flowers and a blue menu with white writing and fall foliage demonstrate how to add luxury to your wedding a three-part collage showcasing blue silk table runners, gold-plated table settings, and fall-colored foliage and flowers at a luxurious but rustic wedding reception


Whatever you choose, remember that adding luxury to your wedding doesn’t have to be complicated or overly expensive. It just takes a little thought and time to incorporate some magical elements that step up the elegance while still creating a look that you love. If you are getting married in the Duluth or Minnesota area, I’d love to chat with you!


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