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There are just SO MANY good reasons for eloping these days! From shifting away from traditional weddings to family dynamics and the pressure many couples feel to provide the best wedding experience possible, eloping can be a complete game-changer. 

foliage frames a newlywed couple as they kiss at the edge of Lake Superior at Sugar Loaf Cove in Minnesota with Comfort & Cashmere Images

Best Reasons for Eloping 

Best Reasons for Eloping #1:  Less Stress. Period.

Let’s face it, planning a traditional wedding can be A LOT of work can be very stressful. A couple taking on a traditional wedding can easily find themselves getting home from work every day and “working” on their wedding plans or spending their weekends searching out venues and vendors or creating wedding decorations and party favors. Who has the time these days? One of the best reasons for eloping is that it eliminates approximately 90% of the stress associated with traditional weddings. You basically choose the place, book the commissioner, pick out your attire, pack a bag and head out! Even better, hire a wedding planner to create your dream elopement! What could be less stressful than that? 

Bride and groom celebrate all their reasons to elope during their elopement ceremony at Sugar Loaf Cove on Lake Superior

Best Reasons Eloping is Better #2:  Intimate and Authentic

Shyness is another great reason to elope. If you and your love aren’t into big PDA’s or one or both of you are shy, eloping will remove a lot of the pressure that comes with traditional weddings—pressure to be seen and heard by many people, to be on display for a long period of time, to be inundated with constant people’s energy. Introverted people can often feel completely drained after spending time in crowds and need days or weeks to recharge and decompress. If the thought of having a traditional wedding makes you or your love feel anxious or makes you dread getting up to exchange vows, you should definitely think about eloping. For many people, sharing their love with others is not their jam, so one of the best reasons for eloping is the opportunity to share your love with only each other.

Jo Johnson, a ghostwriter and book editor, says that eloping was the best thing she and her husband, Greg, have ever done. 

“Greg is one of the most introverted, shyest dudes I have ever known. When we first got engaged, he broke into a sweat and turned white when we had ONE conversation about standing up in front of family and friends to exchange vows. I could see right away that a big wedding was not something he would ever be cool with and, since I didn’t care how we got married (as long as we did), we were both instantly attracted to the idea of eloping. And, once the decision was made, it instantly took the weight of everything off our shoulders. Rather than stress about creating the guest list, hiring vendors, and figuring out all the other logistics and costs of a big wedding, we focused on the where and when, and what we would say. When the day came, we headed off to the forest, just us and a couple of others, and we exchanged our vows with the peaceful babble of our favorite creek in the background and zero pressure to be anything except ourselves. We were both completely relaxed and the emotion of the moment was pure and deep. It was one of the most memorable moments of my entire life and I loved every second of it. Having no one around really allowed Greg to show his love and emotions—something I know he would have suppressed had we had a traditional wedding.”

bride wearing black dress shares her vows with her casually dressed groom beside a creek during their elopement

Best Reasons for an Elopement #3: Create a Fully Unique Experience

When you are creating your elopement vision, you can do create a dreamy experience that represents the two of you. It might mean having a huge floral installment for your ceremony backdrop, or taking the day to travel to different locations to get amazing photographs.  Have you always wanted an epic bouquet? Or a 5 course meal seated on the beach with the rolling waves of a lake coming into shore? That can happen when you choose to elope in a way where you re-allocate your spending on a smaller scale.  If you decide to forego a traditional wedding, there’s a good chance that you will be able to elope somewhere fairly spectacular and then cruise around the area afterward while enjoying the first week or two of wedded bliss. 

Bride and Groom share their first kiss during their elopement ceremony at Sugar Loaf Cove on the North Shore of Lake Superior with Comfort & Cashmere images.

Best Reasons to Elope #4: Less is More 

Eloping allows couples to focus on themselves—their love, their commitment to each other, their sense of fun and adventure. It removes the obligations of performing, pleasing, or entertaining family and friends. A wise lady—my friend’s Grandma once said, “Not everybody needs to cut a wedding cake or a rug on their wedding day.” And that’s totally true. If you and your love are the type of people who would rather explore a mountain or a new city together instead of spending the day catering to traditions and other people, then this could be one of your best reasons for eloping.

groom pops a bottle of champagne at the beach while he and his new bride celebrate all their reasons for eloping at Sugar Loaf Cove on Lake Superior

No matter what your reasons, the best reason for eloping is always going to be because it feels right for you and your love. And, if you do what feels right from the beginning, it will set you up for a lifetime of listening to each other and doing what feels right for you both in every aspect of your lives. If you’re thinking about eloping in the Minnesota area, let’s chat!


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