Black Friday Shopping Guide 2020

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Black Friday Shopping Guide for Entrepreneurs 2020 Edition I wasn’t originally planning on doing a Black Friday guide this year due to this being SUCH a crazy year. I shared the idea on Instagram and ya’ll blew up my messages requesting this baby! So here it is! This guide will be highlight some of my […]

5 Work From Home Tips to Increase Productivity

Why am I sharing my top work from home tips to stay productive? Well, the excitement of working from home has probably worn off by now. You might be feeling overwhelmed, which increases if you’re teaching your children, attempting to complete work, keep everyone fed, and run a household all at once. Throw in Zoom […]

Top 3 Productivity Apps for your iPhone

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You’re an entrepreneur who wears a lot of hats and, since you’re probably on your phone a lot, it makes sense that some productivity apps would help you to stay on track. Does this sound like you? Somedays you’re overwhelmed with all the things to do, and other days you’re not even sure where to […]

Three Social Media Tools Every Business Needs

lady's hands on macbook pro as she posts her wedding images on social media. Social Media Tools by Comfort and Cashmere

For someone who wears so many hats as a small business owner—social media marketer and advertiser,  customer service manager, accountant, meeting manager, delivery person—it only makes sense that you should utilize all the creative social media tools that you can get your hot little hands on! It can be difficult to figure out what to […]

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