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For someone who wears so many hats as a small business owner—social media marketer and advertiser,  customer service manager, accountant, meeting manager, delivery person—it only makes sense that you should utilize all the creative social media tools that you can get your hot little hands on! It can be difficult to figure out what to post, when to post, what platform to post on, what audience to post to…and a whole lot of other things that can easily overwhelm you when you try to do it all yourself.

To make a few things easier, let’s chat about my favorite social media tools that will help save you time and energy by scheduling your posts and helping you gain consistent followers and a dedicated audience.

Social Media Tool #1: Planoly – Instagram’s Best Friend

I use Planoly to drag, drop, and rearrange my images for both my Comfort & Cashmere Images and personal Instagram accounts. This app is a lifesaver! You can knock off so many tasks in this app—plan out how your grid will look, review analytics, manage and reply to comments, gain insights on posting, a good color palate and photo advice, as well as schedule out instagram stories! This app has been a game changer in my life and business! If you don’t use it yet, you’re going to LOVE it. I promise!

smiling photographer wearing a gorgeous floral print dress sits at a desk with coffee and her laptop, smiling and planning social posts with Planoly

Social Media Tool #2: Tailwind – Pinterest Made Easy

I started using Tailwind this past year and it has significantly upped my Pinterest game! If you are an artist or have a creative business, Pinterest is essential for driving traffic to your website. My Pinterest monthly views have skyrocketed and I am starting to get leads from Pinterest to my website which is crazy exciting! My friend Vanessa Kynes is a Pinterest Guru so definitely go check her out. The best thing about Tailwind is that you can lay out all your pins and schedule them out in advance—type in all the descriptions, links to your website or blog posts—and the analytics are unbelievable.

P.S. Click here to get a free month!

photographer sits on a comfy couch working away on social media posts using creative social media tools like Planoly, Lightroom Mobile, and Tailwind

Social Media Tool #3: Lightroom Mobile – A Photographer’s Bestie

Lightroom Mobile is FREE and is a great tool for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or just making sure you have consistent looking photographs! It’s super easy to tweak photos, even if you aren’t a photographer, and it’s a responsive app and easy to navigate. The best thing about Lightroom Mobile is that it helps you make small changes to your photographs, but small changes can make huge differences in the response to your photos. Even though I’m a photographer, I absolutely love to use Julie Paisley’s presets with my own minuscule changes! Grab your preset pack here.

Rohana Olson of Comfort and Cashmere Photography gives some easy tips to Photographers about running a photo business

I use these three creative social media tools every day and they’ve given me so much time back and completely changed how I show up on my social feeds. I used to be stressed out about how to utilize social—what to post and when—but thanks to these three creative social media tools, I post consistently, and I know when to post.

They have been a huge stress-reliever in my business and I hope they help you too!

Comment below with what tool you used first! Also, if you want to dive deeper into your social media strategy or how to take the stress off in your business, schedule a quick strategy call with me here.


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